1963 A. Knopf Book Serif ID?

Curious if anyone can ID the serif typeface used in this "A Note About the Author" from Sterling Hayden's "The Wanderer" book published by Knopf in 1963.

It looks to have been done by a Linotype machine from the justification, but not sure what typeface it is exactly.
Any ideas?


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Sorry, my bad. Thanks for pointing that out.

You have a couple of different things going on here. The first sample is, most likely, from the original 1963 edition and looks closest to Linotype’s Antique No. 1, which included oldstyle figures.

The contents is, obviously, from later: the listings may still be Antique No. 1, but the heading and the type on the cover appear to be Times Roman, New or otherwise.

Actually, I think the text is not Antique No. 1, but Primer. The only digital version I know of is Bitstream's Century 751, which appears to be based on a larger cut and lacks small caps and old style figures, unfortunately.


Primer isn’t in my undated 1,200+ page Linotype Faces catalog—whenever it was published, two small cans of Dunker’s Wax Beans cost 13¢. Was Primer an earlier release that was discontinued, or a later release than this catalog (I’m guessing 1950s)?

Linotype released it in 1953 as an improvement over Century Schoolbook. More info in the McGrew book (p. 258). I couldn't find it in the Lino books I have, but I only have a few.