need a little help

Hi everyone, I am looking for this font I saw in a magazine. I tried to find it with Font Genius or on, but I never got the right one. Please someone help me! Thank you guys!


What is the name of the magazine?

We already had something similar (similar to Peignot Light). If you use the Edit link to move the thread up to the main Type ID Board, someone else could remember better.

Thank you, I just moved up the post. About the magazine, I just do not remember, it was a long time ago. It was just for an article or something, but not the official type of the magazine. I did a scan of it, and now that I look at it again, I'd like to do something with this type if possible... Thank you in advance for your help.

What I see is the lowercase letterforms for Peignot with a moderately heavy white stroke (note the rounding on the bottom vertex of the W)…

Specifically, it's Peignot demi-bold. The light and bold weights have a different 'w'.

- Herb

It really looks like it is part of Peignot family (even if it is a mix with lowercase), but some things are different, like the R or the S (its curves), and every thin lines or curves are even thiner than in the Peignot light. I do not have the specific "Peignot demi-bold" but when I check on internet, the letters have the same shapes as Peignot light, demi or bold... :(

Your sample image is a combination of upper and lower case, resized to the same height. It may also have had some individual letters' weights altered. Or, it's possible (I think unlikely, but would be glad to be wrong) that a matching font exists.

There are many different implementations of Cassandre's 1937 Peignot, and some foundries have created more than one version. There are many variations, both subtle and major, among these designs; for instance, some have a rounded lower case 'w' and some have sharp connections. They include:

Adobe (multiple)
Font Company
George Williams
Linotype (multiple)
SWFTE (a clone-maker)
URW (multiple, including a set that also has Microsoft as a copyright owner)
Numerous implementations that don't include any creator's names

And there are implementations with different names:
Exotic 350 (Bitstream)
Greyhound (B&P Graphics / Softmaker)
MontereyFLF (Casady & Greene)
Morris (Opti/Castcraft)
Pare (Bay Animation - distributed with Broderbund products))
PeignotNeu (Watanabe)
Penguin (Corel - may be renamed from URW or Bitstream)
Pennsy (Primafont)
Penultimate (FontBank)
Penwin (SWFTE)
Penyae (WSI - probably a clone)
Peoria (Softmaker)
An assortment of Southern Software ripoffs (Carnati, Creme, Jabot, Paquette)

Wahoo, thank you so much for this very documented answer! I am going to check all this and will get back to you if I find out the truth about this type! Thanks again for your help and your time guys.