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I know this has been done before, but this is my (second) attempt at a font that is all ligatures.

Oh -- it's based on my Equanimity Stencil font except not stencillated.


It is, as you can see, in its earliest stages. So, do you guys think I'm wasting my time or is there something here worth pursuing?

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Surely it must be worth pursuing, even though I like the individual letters better than the word written... The spacing is a bit tight IMHO, but it looks promising, I like ligatures

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I did a similar experiment with a font called Motorcar Atlas. http://fontdiner.com/fdlbfont07.gif

I was overall pretty happy about the face until I began setting copy in it. I designed the face with connectors on BOTH sides of the lowercase so I doubled my pain when I was creating it.

It was a good excersise and I do intend on reworking the face further to totally trouble shoot the workings of the ligature system and overall letterspacing of the font which will give to you most hassel as you can see with the IT ligature. It'll technically work properly, but visually have some odd moments.

Can't wait to see the lowercase! Good Luck!
Stuart :D

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If there's one lesson I've learned in fontmaking it's that imposing ONE schtick on your typeface -- whether it's a repeating shape or, in this case requiring every letter to be a ligature -- just guarantees failure. As the Arby's ad goes, sometimes you just have to break the rules, including self-imposed ones.

I think for me, having this font work will require that the ligatures be optional, not recommended -- an added bonus, not a dreary requirement. By having three different connections I'd hoped to achieve something in that direction, but I don't think it worked.

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