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Instant: A new face with new thinking from BAT Foundry

BAT — Instant from BAT Foundry on Vimeo.

A short video providing the rationale and design thinking behind Instant, a new typeface at Bureau des affaires typographique (BATfoundry.com) designed by Jérôme Knebusch.

Hat tip to Dan Reynolds (@typeoff) for the link.


This is about half of a good idea.


Really cool!


>This is about half of a good idea.

Ha. I would have liked the styles to be more contiguous; there's quite a difference between the quick and the regular. But it's an interesting design concept.

The lighter weights strongly remind me of Susan Kare's 1984(?) Mac font Los Angeles, though Instant is much cleaner and more useable. I wonder if that was an intentional influence.