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Serif to go with Proxima Nova

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Serif to go with Proxima Nova


I'm fairly new to Typography and hoping someone might be able to help me out.

I'm designing a website for a University and have been looking at Typekit for webfonts. I've tried out loads of the fonts and particularly like Proxima Nova, mainly for the cleanness, legibility and the fact that it renders well on Windows (the vast majority of our users). I've been trying to pair it with a serif for headings, looking at x-heights, similar ascenders/descenders, counters, but I'm having real difficulties finding one that sits well. Bembo is used in some of our printed material and logo - not really an option for web and I don't think it will go with PN- but I'm looking for something with that similar feel - serious, academic, elegant.

Some of the ones I've tried:

FF Tisa - matches well but feels too slabby, especially at larger sizes for headings
Kepler - I think this has the right 'feel' but not sure how well it sits with Proxima
Utopia - Again, perhaps right feel but x-heights don't feel right

Does anyone have any suggestions? Wondering whether to instead find the right serif for headings and then work back and find a different sans to match? Apart from inexperience is there another reason why it is hard to find a serif to match proxima, is it too geometric?

Any help or pointers much appreciated!

Many thanks,

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