Atelier Cassandre

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One of the reasons I collect old record albums is the covers.
Many classical albums from the 1950s and ’60s have spot color and interesting card stock.
The Angel label is often good for foil embossing, or perhaps a black dowel along the inner sleeve edge, to help extricate it.
Here’s one I picked up recently, designed by Atelier Cassandre in 1957.
Presumably the lettering is by the master (slightly anticipating his YSL logo with its overlapping letters, and perhaps Avante Garde, with the skewed M).
The stock is off white and matte, and the title colour burnt sienna, a scheme often found in type specimen books of the early and mid twentieth century.
The fact that it only cost me a dollar, the record is in good condition, and Gilels’ playing astonishingly fluid, is a bonus!

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That seems to be a customized Vendôme, interesting!

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Love the playfulness within a kind of neoclassical layout.

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Another similar from Angel and Atelier Cassandre, 1956:

The engravings are reproduced as line art, spot colour.

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