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Hi guys, I need some genuine and honest comment about my logo design for my company re-branding.

Currently we're using "Dotty Love Graphic Design", We decided to re-branding it because of few reasons..
the first one, this has name actually been used for around two years.. i do have a logo with light magenta
and a love vector in it, but unfortunately, the logo can be no longer use it as It appear in a drama
series in Taiwan. I'm quite upset with this. i've no idea how they get it..

the second one is, i'm trying to pursue my design n printing services to some industry company,
the company name with "Love" doesn't sound profession enough, it's more to freelance market instead of industry.

My new company name is D&i Print Creation. The meaning of D&i is the short form of Dot & Idea, target audience
is to young adult, we provide design, print and photography services.

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Too busy. Too many different graphic elements, too many colours.
Text is too small.

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thanks.. mind to share some idea for improvement..?

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First of all I would choose one graphic element.
Maybe the drop/flower one could work.
Then put the text next to it and make them work together and stand alone.
Also you could want a black and white version.

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Thanks!! I've do some refinement on the logo, i've choose the drop as the element.
please feel free to critique, it' much appreciated.

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Also what about a version with just

[symbol] D&I
print creation

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Yea, still a lot going on. You have the color wheel, you have the ink drop, you have the custom 'i', you have the modified 'd', you have the bold ampersand.

You need to pare that down a bit. Focus on just one (or maybe two) of those components.

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Interesting stuff, keep workin' it.


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hi everyone.. Thanks for the feedback.. 've just done some refinement...
please share your comment.. : )

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This is the best thing you've posted so far...

However it's still too busy. Try some simplified versions.

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It terms of a clear mark, the very last pink option with the clear D&i (minus the 'speech bubble and colour wheels graphic') works best for me. At the least it would be a clear, distinctive mark.

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Too much going on.

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Maybe you can get rid of the repeating figures. It doesn't look great with them. Simplifying your characters will also be great. But I like the colored petals with the drop inside.

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Maybe a drip like di in your color wheel?

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Maybe a common comment would help: start with a black/white logo and when that's done, move on to colour. This will help you big time to progress faster and clean out your logo. It's too busy, styles too different but promising.

If I was you, I'd go with evolution. If you've already established your brand with your clients it may not be too good to completely go off. Your existing logo isn't too bad apart from type. So that would be my starting point. I'd keep the heart stuff but completely change surrounding type. Including the new name.

This way existing clients wouldn't have problems relating new stuff to old (so brand keeps what it had created in their heads) and new clients would recognise it better.

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