Apollo NASA

This is the original Apollo NASA logo, from the early 1960s. Not many letters to go on, and those present certainly look hand-drawn.

Is there something similar available that has the broad/narrow components (narrow on the left of the ‘A’ but narrow on the right of the ‘N’) and the distinctly oblate appearance of the ‘O’?

I'm not expecting there to be a perfect match, but I would like to get as close as I can. Thank you.


This lettering is far too clumsy and inconsistent to be an actual typeface, if you remember that bringing a typeface to market was a far more costly affair in the Dark Ages before desktop publishing.

I mean, seriously: it doesn’t take a rocket scientists to see that the S is entirely out of place with the rest of the characters.

Although it’s entirely possible that a rocket scientists lettered this odd curio…

As Nick notes, the style is pretty inconsistent: You could find such treatment of N and A in some art deco faces (but no such O).
I think you could get close to the overall feeling with the heavier weights of Britannic (or similar).

Thank you, folks, for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it. I kind of guessed that responses would be along those lines. As I said in my opening post I thought they were hand drawn and probably wouldn't turn up as fonts per se .... but no harm in trying to elicit something that might be close.

I'll leave this thread for a few more days, just to see if someone has a trump card up their sleeve that (reasonably closely) fits the bill. If not, I'll just have to accept that it is not meant to be. ;-)