what is this font?

the one the saying " come visit us"
appreciate it! :)


It's very Emily Conners, but can't identify which font.

Agree with Nick Cooke, very close to Carolyna, may be using some stylistic alternates... Do you know the origin of this graphic? it could be easier to find what the font it could be.
For what it's worth, remembering 2 previous discussions where I tried to compile some fonts which I guess could be considered as in the same vein: Calligraphy Handwritten and Calligraphy or font?

I looked all the font you listed previous, I can't find exactly what this is.
I got it from this site


it's slide show but you will see the exclusive and Moder's day font..
does this hand writing?

Given the overlapping strokes:

I think it’s lettering, not a font.