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Hi, I have a font here that I've been working on and would love critique. Ideas for improvement? Just chuck it in the trash? Thanks!

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Some good thinks in this. At first glance I find the /f,t,y/ terminal too short. The spin of the /Ss/ is too squeeze in the middle, the horizontal of the /2,7/ is too thick and probably the stem of the /1,4/ too also too thick. the /m,n/ should be copy from the /h/ where the stem meet the curve. I prefer the shoulder of the /h/ compare to the the /m,n/. /bdgpq/ seems too wide compare to the /o,e,c/. Finally, compare the terminal of the /c,e/ it should be in the same way. Keep going.

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Hey, Sim - thanks for you time and comments! I'll get some more work done on it and re post soon.

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It's really amazing how you can look at something for so long and then someone points out an obvious flaw that's been there all along and you think "how could I have missed that?" Thanks again, Sim for the feedback - some of the items you pointed out really made me redo quite a few letters and I like it better. Would love any other comments big or small - very helpful. Here's the updated font.

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You still have some wildly inconsistent stroke widths. For instance, the thick parts of the round strokes as in |o| are much lighter than the thick parts of straight strokes as in |l|. Also compare the diagonals in your |V W X Y| — they all look different.

Check this out:

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