Google and typophile

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Is it just me or is Google no longer indexing the forums properly? The search results I get are much less than usual, and when I restrict my search to, I get results from weird subdomains such as,, or

What's up?

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Yes, it’s a problem at least since the last redesign ( and it’s getting worse with time.

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Try Bing.

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Try Bing.

Well, yes, of course. Or DuckDuckGo ( for that matter.
But that wouldn't really solve the problem, would it?

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The forum isn't indexing the forum properly, so what’s the biggie?

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what’s the biggie

In the short run the inability to access and refer to the treasure trove of knowledge of past threads.
In the medium run the drastic reduction of visitors and new non-spammers, non-type-id-board users (thus of Typophile’s appeal to possible advertisers).
In the long run, the irrelevance of Typophile.

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And I found a new one:
And, Bing should’ve updated its indexes, because now it cannot find anything too.

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Interesting. Not relieving, but interesting.

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It is a shame that the wealth of knowledge in typophile cannot be fully searched I hope this gets corrected soon,

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Is this known to whoever runs typophile?

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Regarding the subdomains:
The server is not set up properly; this nonsense shouldn’t happen. The trigger for two of the most widespread pseudo-subdomains is this thread:

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Yahoo search seems to be (currently) working to some extent.

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... which is nice, but does not really address the problem with the existing information on

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So the weird urls are because there is an open wildcard dns entry on ( if you geek out on internet routing and dns, not jut type ;). What is worrisome is that they don't have a canonical url setup so if google indexes any other weird domains then they will be seen as duplicate content which will tank rankings.

This shouldn't be difficult to fix. If a site admin sees this feel free to get in touch.

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