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What font is this?

I need to know what font this is:

I use to have a gateway netbook that had this font on it. I created a website using this font and now that my gateway netbook has crashed I can't seem to find what font it is.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


It is very close to ITC Bookman Demi, although the ITC version has a different apostrophe.


Ya, when I used Identifont.com that is what came up but I know that it is not because of the apostrophe.
Thanks anyways.

But it's probably a RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK not an apostrophe.

Oh yes, it is strange that the quotes and the apostrophe are not on the keyboard, instead of inch and foot marks which often are.
I guess it is just the preference of the type house?
Option/shift/] is the mac access for the single quote/apostrophe.
Or you could use a comma with minus lead.

OR alt+0146 ’ ’ ’ ’