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Hi, has anyone seen a K such as this one? This is not a Type ID thing, it comes from a font I'm currently pushing around the drawing board.

I thought it might have already been done in Huxley Vert., but it's upside down, lol.

Thanks in advance :)


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You could find something similar in cyrillic constructivism inspired typefaces such as this one: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/prop-a-ganda/pag-syndicate/
Their reference is |К| rather than |K|. In a latin script it could look a bit too much |R|.

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The only time I have seen something like this is on LCDs for hand-held electronic card games. It is a variation of the standard seven-segment display for digits 0-9, with the diagonal added to create the characters Q and K. (The characters A and J can already be made with a seven-segment display.)

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And when I saw the thread title, I thought it would be about the negative spirituality of the letter's shape due to its resemblance to a certain confluence of rivers... one of which is invisible.

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This is clearly Brody's Tyson "K" flipped...


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Thanks for the suggestions, that constructivist stuff was a fun day!

@Si_Daniels ...lol! I started flipping some of my fonts and found quite a few. I also found some roots in the graff scene too...

...some invisible ones too ;)


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Here's a similar reference to that flipped K found in the title of a Looney Tunes cartoon from 1946.

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