One of the most advanced and most beautiful Arabic OT Naskh fonts

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Hello Typophiles,
After my first Arabic font " Adobe Naskh ", please check out my second Arabic font, with very special features.

Zuhair Albazi Naskh is the most advanced OpenType Arabic typeface ever created, based on Ottoman manuscript. This unique typeface contains an unmatched range of features known from the Arabic script. It is not merely a font but an ultimate typesetting and design tool for the Arabic script in classic Naskh style, with letters variants and calligraphic styles, specifically developed to take advantage of the extensive functionality for Naskh Arabic typography. The typeface consists of extreme typographic richness and full Unicode support while giving access to the special features of Naskh style. It faithfully captures the historical Naskh as it evolved from practical calligraphy into the best legible Arabic typography ever designed.

This high-end Arabic typeface is particularly well suited for traditional book typography. The font provides fine typographic control by marrying the latest OpenType technology to traditional calligraphic and typographic models. It contains over 3700 Arabic glyphs, including contextual alternates for letters and marks and language-specific forms. The high quality typeface is character based, almost free of ligatures, as only 9 ligatures are included in 3700 Arabic glyphs. Extra care was taken in the design of all outlines. The graceful curves, rounded terminals, and the contrast between thick and thin strokes are consistent and lively throughout the typeface providing all the correct calligraphic shapes for quality Arabic Naskh.

Some Key features of the typeface:

• Control to use different shape alternates for words to achieve the dissimilation of the same letter through variations and to open up new creative possibilities for advertising, front pages, greeting and business cards.

• Control to use different shape alternates for marks also like dammatan, fatahatan, kasratan etc.

• Control to adjust space between words, normal spacing or condensed Naskh spacing.

• Beautiful swashes (elongated letters) for all words.

• Calligraphic Naskh kashida (Tatweel) upto three levels of elongations, so the Kashida distribution and frequence can be precisely controlled to create Arabic calligraphic documents without a calligrapher.

• Accurate marks positioning, horizontally centered, slightly above or below the letters, neither touching the letters nor colliding with adjacent marks.

• Control to adjust the marks placement on letters, normal close marks or distant marks.

• Thousands of kerning pairs for the fine adjustment of letters specially after Raa, Zaa, Waw and before Kaaf.

• Special characters for modern and classic Arabic, such as Qur’anic punctuation and Tajweed marks.

• Proportional and tabular numerals.

• Full Unicode support.

• Suitable for any kind of cultural text, from religious to poetic and literary, to create sophisticated Arabic literary and academic books. Also suitable for large text sizes.

The typeface has two styles Regular and Bold.

Download the Font Brochure in pdf format to view the font and its features in detail.

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Hi all,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I would have a simple question. How is it possible to get this font ? Is it possible to buy it or to get a license to use it ?

Thank you very much for your responses !

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Is this font available for sale now?

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السلام علیکم
یہ فونٹس کہاں سے دستیاب ہو سکتے ہیں؟
سید متین احمد شاہ

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Hello Zuhair Albazi,

I found Adobe Naskh font very interesting and professional in more then one aspect.
Namely, the automatic kashida feature is really unique. When used with Naskh justification it automatically inserts kashida characters wherever needed.

I request you to shed some light on the implementation details.

Thanks and regards.

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@Mateen Ahmad, Khaldoun and Jawad Khan
The font is not ready till yet. I hope to get it ready soon Inshallah.

These are justification alternates applied through jalt feature.

The font brochure download number has passed above 300. Thanks to all for appreciating the font.


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Thanks Zuhair for replying.

I had tried this feature, but it does not work in my font as it does in Adobe Naskh. Especially in ligatures like "في" and "لي" which occur frequently in Arabic text.

I request you to post some screenshots of the jalt feature, if possible.

Many thanks and regards.

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These are simple substitution lookups applied through jalt feature like

fehyeh.liga -> fehyeh.liga.swash

Also try placing the jalt lookup after the في ligature lookup in the lookup list.


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great work mr Zuhair Albazi...!
I am also working on a Nastalique Font Mher Nastaleeq consisting of calligraphy of My Father Nasrullah Mher...! I will post my work here for your kind consideration.

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The font brochure download has passed above 500.

On a single forum (Typophile only) it seems quite a high value of likeness by all the visitors, specially in case of an Arabic font.

Thanks to all.

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if we can only try it

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Sample of the font with completely revised new marks adjustment.

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The bottom line begins with a poorly-kerned word. Make R snuggle (o)!

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@Aziz Mostafa
I hope now you will like it.


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السلام علیکم
یہ فونٹس کہاں سے دستیاب ہو سکتے ہیں؟
جواد خان

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Some new beautiful and remarkable features added. For example for the first time an Arabic font containing two types of swashes.

Full Volt project of the font (Regular and Bold styles) is rewritten in a higher professional way with great improvements in font functionality. Specially the font speed is increased to a much much higher extent. Font working very smoothly in InDesign, MS Word, Notepad and other Windows applications without any issue.

Completely revised new marks placement for a much better look in smaller document size text.

Some other optimizations are still in progress.


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I hope it will be better than Adobe Naskh.
Do you plan any date of sharing this font? When we can buy or download your new font?

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I notice that you are in Turkey. I'm curious, what kinds of things is Arabic typesetting used for in Turkey these days?


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I use Arabic typesetting for my amateur works. Qur'an and tajweed in some brochures, handbooks.

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Hrant > I'm curious, what kinds of things is Arabic typesetting used for in Turkey these days?
Talipaltas >... for my amateur works. Qur'an and tajweed in some brochures, handbooks.

Too late for Turkey + Malaysia to go back to Arabic typesetting?! Had they known?!

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I don't think it would be a good idea for Turkish to revert back to Arabic, mostly because as an Altaic language it relies heavily on vowels, while Arabic is built for consonantal rendering. However -as I opined in my talk at ISType in 2012*- it would be beautiful and in fact culturally functional if Turkish type designers would inject some Arabic flavor into their Latin designs.

Make some qahwa and watch the video.


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The font brochure download has passed above 750.

Thanks for appreciating,

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Arabic is always a pleasure for the eyes. You did a great job.

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Dear Zuhair albazi,

Your font is very fine and good looking, It best features are spacing control and substitute.
This font is distinguish from other font. You deserved appreciation. I hope you fonts designs in future will be new great and innovative.

Please, elaborate more features of your work in screen shot, so it can be more inspiring for new comers.

Saleem Ali Ghalib

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Thanks Zuhair for the tip about JALT feature.

Today I took out some time to implement it, and got it working in no time.

Working like a charm.

Thanks and regards.

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All outlines of the font for regular and bold styles are manually optimized. Each style consists of about 4000 glyphs so it took quite long time to optimize all the 8000 glyphs of both styles.

Now, technically, all the outlines are in excellent shape.


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New updates coming soon. . . .

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