UEFA Euro 2012 football kit numbers

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Hello Typophiles.

Besides of being a type lover, I am also a big football fan.
I know that big events like UEFA Euro 2012 brings new typographic custom made football kit numbers to the football kit of every national team.

Like Commercial Type foundry did for England national team, every national team have his typeface that show up in games and in commercial ads.

I think it is a really interesting topic to post here what you know about every football kit number / typeface (e.g: like who made that typeface, and some links of interest); in that way, making here a little collection about numbers, and about typefaces in football kits.

So, if you know something, brig that knowledge to here

BTW: Czech Republic kit numbers are quite interesting!

Best Regards
Fábio Santos

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I always a supporter of Italy but at this tournament I am not so hopeful about My favorite team Italy.I think this tournament will gain Germany or Spain.

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