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This typeface is a custom face for a car designers portfolio.
I want to do something maybe a bit generic with some nice details to bring variation/ something fresh.
Please, tell me what you guys think and if someone can suggest reference material, please let me know.
As you can see from my fonts I'm familiar with Audi's typeface already...

Text from wikipedia (not about the designer, just about random Korean and Japanese stuff)
Everything is still indesign optical.

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I like that you're being creative with the symbols, but your copyright symbol has probably gone too far afield. Conceivably, a mark that doesn't quite fit the description of a C enclosed in a circle may leave the user open to arguments that the legal criteria have not been met for what constitutes a copyright notice.

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Pdf updated.

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Are the angles sharp enough to work for a Car company? A french car company would be fine, but I would think a manufacturer from anywhere else would want sharper, stronger looking corners.

I'd take a look at Klavika Condensed (GM's current font)

and Toyota's current font.

Another idea--since you're working with a car designer, you have a great opportunity to use line segments from the body work curves they have already designed. Both type designers and car body designers essentially just create and shape curves..

My 2 cents...

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That /g/ is just not reading for me at all. It looks like it was cut off in a printer error. Have you considered a complete, closed bowl? Maybe even a one-story /g/? I'd also suggest bringing in the flag on the /1/ a bit, probably in length but perhaps in weight, too. It's too heavy for me as of now.

Other than that, it looks quite fun!

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That's what's called the Danish "g", and I personally think it fits quite well here. A controversial glyphs can actually help sell a face (Spiekermann has said as much about Meta's "g") as long as it doesn't destroy functionality - and this is no text face! :-)

My only big gripe is the lc "q" - that one is too much!


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I have noticed that Germans, Scandinavians, etc. tend to treat the letter Q as an O with a diacritic, since their languages don't really use it. For a bespoke font that isn't likely to spread to a global market, this might be a better choice than a normal "q" which may be mistaken for a "g" by such readers. It's quirky but still readable by English speakers, though I can't speak for q-rich languages like Spanish.

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Personally, I like original cuts of |q| formed after the model of |Q|, but I've gotten negative feedback on that as well in the past... I guess the world it not quite ready yet for this kind of revolution. ;)

I certainly like the |g|. The overall appearance of the font strikes me as rather loud (almost as if it were written in all-caps) and technical. Perhaps that's a desired quality for a car designer, though. What kind of cars are we talking about?

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I like it... I do wonder about that /3 though. It's middle join seems a little off. I'm not sure I would have chosen a Danish /g -- but if you do use it maybe make the thinning on it's loop (at the bottom) less apparent? The tail on that /q seems short.

Nitpicks aside, very nice! :-)

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