Whatever became of this design?

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Years ago, I found a free typeface called "Ardenwood Demo." It's still available all over the 'net—here's one link:


I think this is outstanding. The trouble is, one can't use it as it is—the letters are all lowercase, and all those ornaments crash into each other.

What I'd love is a completed version of this font. (Most of the glyphs besides the lowercase letters are blank.) Does anybody know who designed it, and if there is indeed a completed version available?

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Update: it seems the font is published by an Austin, TX-based group called Scriptorium Fonts. Their website is at http://www.fontcraft.com/fontcraft/ . I'm going to give them a call and see what's up with this typeface. Their website is a little gaudy but they specialize in revivals of real designs, so this is a promising lead.

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Dave Nalle is member here (though he seems to pop by only occasionally, like when he wants to announce a new release):


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It's a revival of Palatinos's work.
Check out "Three Classics of Italian Calligraphy" by Oscar Ogg, page 187
I've been studying all this stuff for the Cancelleresca Bastarda revival

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Nalle's DEMO fonts are intended ONLY to see what the font looks like. They're most often incomplete, have super-wide space glyphs, have missing letters (usually a vowel or three), and are otherwise intentionally unusable. The full version of Ardenwood demo doesn't have these flaws. However, it IS lower case only. The glyphs in the upper case haves the ruffles and flourishes, while those in the lower case are much plainer. You can test the full font and look at all of its glyphs at the link provided by riccardo above.

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