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Can you please help me here?
How can I to write this script in volt:

In fontlab is
feature ss14 { # Stylistic Set 14
script hebr; # Hebrew
lookup ss1426 {
lookupflag RightToLeft;
sub @ccmp2 qamats' @ss149 maqaf by qamats_qatan;

I tried this in volt but it's not working
qamats' maqaf -> qamats_qatan

Thank you in advance,
Eli Zohar

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In VOLT, you put the substitution string in the top part of the lookup window, and the context in the lower part, on the left or right of the | depending on whether the context is before or after the glyph(s) to be substituted. [Note that left/right refer in the contexts to before/after, and are not directional, i.e. for a RTL script like Hebrew, the before context still sits to the left of the | marker.]

I presume you are wishing to substitute qamats qatan for the regular qamats when it follows (?) maqaf. If so the lookup would be like this:

qamats -> qamats_qatan
maqaf |

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Thank you john

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