ISIA Type Design Week 2012

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ISIA Urbino Type Design Week is a one week intense course which will take place between the 29th of July and the 3th of August at ISIA (High Institute for Applied Arts), in the Renaissance city of Urbino in Italy.

For one week the students will be guided by proven professionals in the development of a type design/lettering project. An interesting programme will provide the participants with background information addressing discourses and techniques of type design and the design of letters as a critical design process.

Erik van Blokland, is the invited guest for the 2012 edition. Together with Jonathan Pierini and Albert Pinggera as visiting lecturer he's looking forward to work together in a lively and inspiring environment. Starting from some individual sketches and drawings, experimenting with different tools and possibilities, the concept for a collective project is going to be selected and developed.

ISIA Urbino Type Design Week is open to type designers as well as graphic designers, art directors, type addicts of any kind. Everyone involved with the design or usage of fonts will find the Type Design Week to be the perfect place to learn more about type, get inspired and give it a try!

If you want to apply send us your cv and a short portfolio of your work in PDF format to before the 24th of June 2012. In your cv you will need to include the following information: name, surname, birthdate, address (street, city, state), telephone, mobile, e-mail, school or office. Within ten days after notification, selected students must have paid the registration fee in order to be officially registered. The registration fee for 2012 is 550€. Courses are in English and Italian. A maximum of 30 students will be accepted. The selection is made by the Type Design Week 2012 teachers.

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