The Harriet Series

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Just updated the site to serve retina images (fair warning, it's a little slow) and remembered I never posted it on typophile. So here it goes, brace yourself for marketing copy:

The Harriet Series is a rational serif family. It’s a contemporary reflection of the serifs popular in mid-20th-century American and English design. Harriet draws inspiration from both transitional faces, such as Baskerville, and modern faces, such as Century, at the same time it is unburdened by any particular historical model. The display styles give it just enough exuberance to sparkle while the diligent, sturdy text styles make it a true workhorse.

The Harriet Series was awarded a Certificate of Type Design Awesomeness (or whatever it's called) from the Type Director's Club in 2012.

Available exclusively at Okay Type:

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I'd be surprised if you don't have the couture crowd dogpiling you already to get their grubbies on this.

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I haven't noticed any dogpiles.

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