Dan X. Solo materials

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Dan's stepson Dave posted this message today at the printmag site:


I’m wondering if anyone can help me with something related to Dan. I had the pleasure of knowing Dan for 30+ years as my mother married him in 1982. In the process of cleaning out his files/records (along with his 2 sons), we have come across a number of vintage materials that I’m sure would have value to collectors or others interested in typography. Can anyone recommend how we could go about determining what is valuable/of interest and what is not? Please let me know via post, or the moderator has my email. Thanks.

I couldn't figure out how to contact the site's moderator to suggest Typophile or other sources to him.

- Herb

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You might want to go to museum curator or even go over to Sotheby's.

Whatever, don't just throw it up on ebay.


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