Font rageous!

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I got me a fresh new little something called ... font rageous dot com!!

Of course nothing is up yet, but I do have a plan :) And that plan to feature some font on some kind of product or whatever and talk about how awesome it is and hopefully who created it and when and why ... I'll be going off the beaten track to source out the goodness. It won't be your usual gab about an type designer doing whatever - font rageous is about coolio letter shapes and their function in life :)!!

I'll let y'all know what's what when I get something up and going ...real soon!

Oh ya BTW, I'll be coming to some of you soon enough for a cozy one-on-one ... ya baby!!


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keep us noticed!

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Today I just received long awaited permission to go in and photograph any and all CD and LP cover art over at a city wide music distribution chain of stores. It will be a great source of material I'm sure! Earlier on I got permission to take snaps of book covers over at a city wide chain of stores which sell used books. Permission from grocery stores is next on my list.

Typographic cover art of an early Clash LP will be up first ...I think ...maybe yes ...we'll see!!!


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AFAIK there is only one typographic Clash cover:

Not as distinguished as most of their other covers.
However, the genre of type-only album covers would be interesting.
Including this, of course:

But that raises an interesting question: it’s tough to render fluorescents (although RGB helps!), but photography (rather than scans) can convey other qualities (e.g. embossing, foil, stock, die-cuts, distress &c.) — is that the direction you’re headed? Certainly, the dimensionality of real books…

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Nick , the plan is to capture letter shape beasties doing their thing within their natural environment ... for instance a jar of mayonnaise on the grocery shelf, and then talk a bit about those letter shapes ...and hopefully some chat time with the designer of those letter shapes ...hopefully with someone like Mr. Brignall.

The music store was key because I think that those letter shapes are used on products that tap right into past and present culture, and to some extant so too do the letter shapes on products at a book store.


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