Handwriting typeface (w/ ext. intl. charsets)

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I'm looking for a casual, legible handwriting face, predominantly for online use. The style I'm looking for is along the lines of:

Felt Tip Roman
Betina Script

Here's the thing – I really need a consistent family across numerous alphabets (Latin, Eastern European, Greek, Cyrillic, numerous Asia/Pacific scripts). It also has to have an EULA that allows unlimited page views per month.

Sound impossible? My money's on "probably". Can anyone help?

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Segoe Script

Not sure what you mean by 'Asia/Pacific' scripts.

- Herb

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Sorry, I didn't word that very clearly. I just meant major alphabets currently in use in the Asia/Pacific region – simplified Chinese, kanji, hiragana, katakana, etc. I know that's asking a lot, and I think I'm SOL but I'm just researching this to see if it's a possibility.

I'd just select faces that closely resemble what I'm looking for in each region, but you know… one man's Verveine is another man's Comic Sans.

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Writing styles are not consistent in all those languages so you can't really have a 'one size fits all' design that would accomodate both Chinese variants as well as Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc.

That's not even getting into the fact that sometimes the same character in Chinese actually has a different form than in Japanese. For East Asian fonts at least, each font has to be specifically tuned for the language in question or it won't "look right" to somebody.

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