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I'm looking for a heavy, hand-painted brush style font.

The best I've come across so far is Plaakkat

The problem with this font is that there are not contextual alternates. This has obvious limitations if an organic hand made look is desired.

Any font suggestions would be more than welcome.



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It will probably be very hard to find topical display fonts with extensive open-type features. They're most often used for posters or advertising or headers and such, with little need for alternates or even most punctuation.

In a paintbrush style, the closest I've seen is Norwegian Cruise Lines' proprietary "Freestyle" (no longer used), which had some alternates and ligatures. I don't believe that they were incorporated as open-type features; for example, an alternate 't' was in the single dagger position.

- Herb

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If the handmade look is desired, why not make it by hand?

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HVB – I found Freestyle 2.0 samples online, looks more like a hand writing (pen) font. In that style, I'm familiar with a few that have open type alternates. It's the heavy, chunky, brush style I'm after. Thanks anyway though.

Josua – I have to populate a 100+ page brochure with text set in this style. Considering inevitable edits, revisions, etc, doing by hand would be a huge (and perhaps foolish) undertaking.

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Lambert Brush

This is the right style, no alternate characters unfortunately

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Duffy Script might be a little too sophisticated for your purpose, but it has lots of alternates, is brush not pen, and has a pleasant color as a text face.

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Nick, thanks for the suggestion. I like Duffy, though not sure it's heavy enough for my intended use.

Funny, I actually purchased Duffy a couple years back for this same client, but never ended up using it. Might have another look at it though.

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You found NCL's Freestyle 2.0, which is nothing like their original Freestyle!
Here's a small sample of the original:

The alternates in that font are:
M, d, f, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, r, s(2), t, u(2)
and ligatures:
th er oo
Unfortunately, I doubt that it would be publicly available, but it never hurts to ask.

- Herb

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Pastiche Brush might be a bit too lively for text setting, but depending on how out-there you want it too look, could be a good choice. It has plenty of alternates, and start and end forms too. Just make sure contextual alternates are on. They don't show correctly on the MyFonts testdrive unfortunately but they do work. Honest.
Thanks for looking,

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Dave, great work. Love the lettering style. I was actually looking for this font a couple years ago, before it existed. Ended up using Gizmo. Pastiche Brush could very well come in handy in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you, and thanks for the purchase! Must be the first time I've recommended one of my own fonts here and it's actually resulted in a sale. Hope you can find a good use for it.

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