Burn Notice Typeface

Hello everyone,

Trying to figure this one out, been searching around and not really getting anywhere with it.
I tried Identifont, WhatTheFont!, and WhatFontIs identification without any luck so far.

It may actually be a custom typeface for it, but I would be surprised if so.. Maybe they used a simple font design, and just put the slant on the t, and the r? Thats my best guess.

I edited the logo to make it easier to see, so see the image I am inserting..

But not only that, I noticed they use a nice smooth Rounded sans in the TV show as well.
Like when they list people's names, and their title below it, there is a whole other typeface. That smooth rounded medium sans.

Ill try to find that font, for identification as well, that one is the really beautiful one. The Logo is separate.


Here are the Subtitles that are featured in the episodes. They always show this typeface to introduce people, and give a title.

Now I edited this font, because it was the only one that had a photo, with the text from the show.. So it was like a 300px, by 500px image so I had to do a lot of tweaking and removing the background and tried to make it as usable as possible. so forgive me its not the best, but picture the glyphs as completely rounded on the edges. COMPLETELY rounded. There was a bit of loss because it was a light background so it gives the appearance of not being completely rounded.
But I think it should be fine enough to see the specific things that make it stand out among others.. hopefully..

Again I appologize, I did the best I could with a tiny 15px by 70 px text..

Maybe Chalet London 1970 from House Industries? (Slightly condensed and blurred.)

"bernotice" could be http://Avant Garde 2 BQ (Medium) by Berthold
with modified /r/i/ and /t/ set in a different font (and probably modified)

I also agree on Mark's suggestion about a modified Chalet London 1970 for the subtitles, it's too close to be a coincidence.

"bernotice": confirming fvilanakis' suggestion for a modified Avant-Garde (/c and /e let no boubt)
"DIEGO...": very Bauhaus to me. Some more similars even if Mark Simonson's suggestion is very close Platelet, Media Serif (unfortunately no "sans" version)