[Unsolved] Please can you tell me what these three fonts are?

I suspect I might only receive help for the main body text here. The numbers to the right were moving scores. I am not sure if they were even a font. The Roman numerals were static. If I can find out what all three are then I will be so delighted!


These examples are from the year 1957, a show in Germany. I am not sure if that helps.

Thanks very much in advance for your help. If you need some more samples of this font do let me know.

Is the font available online? Can I read about it and its designer anywhere?


The show was the annual Eurovision Song Festival, if I am not mistaken… Type of lettering hard to tell from this sample.
Similar: Eurostile Bold Condensed (numbers in the right), Helvetica Narrow (Roman numerals on the left), Adelon (Font by B. Wolpe, contemporary — for the song titles).

Thanks so much for all your help Bert (and I am sorry for the SHOUTING!) I found this video:


I wonder if the user has taken pictures and used then for this video or if (s)he has discovered the fonts. The Roman numerals also seem pretty accurate.

Yes, in the coming weeks I will have many questions about fonts used in the contest. Are you a fan?

I found this: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/GMbUma_2r2s/0.jpg. Does it help? I can get more screenshots from the video of the contest if it helps.

Here is a a video of the actual voting on the night: http://youtu.be/-NWB2x5Venw?t=3m23s

Thanks again for your help!

Have the new samples helped?

Videos don't help much. Many don't want to wade through many minutes of a video in the hope of 1) seeing the one or two frames that you're talking about, and 2) being able to pause at that exact point, capture the image, and compare or evaluate it.

It would be more helpful if you did those tasks, at least through the capturing the appropriate image. Note that at best, low resolution you-tube videos make very poor samples that are often almost impossible to identify - particularly if the typeface in question is at all detailed.

- Herb