[Unsolved] Two, maybe three, fonts to identify. Please and thank you!

I suspect I might only receive help for the main body text here. The numbers to the right were moving scores. I am not sure if they were even a font. The numbers to the left (in the second picture only) were static but might be the same font as the main body. If I can find out what all three are then I will be so delighted!



These examples are from the year 1959, a show in France. I am not sure if that helps.

Thanks very much in advance for your help. If you need some more samples of this font do let me know.

Is the font available online? Can I read about it and its designer anywhere?


Your second sample is useless.

Nice handlettering is my guess, combined with a standard font for the numbers (similar to Univers).

Useless sure is the way to describe that quality. I am very sorry. I am trying to find better quality.

I wonder if this is a genuine copy or just something close?


Here are videos from different sources of the voting taking place:



Thank you for your help!

p.s. How do you mean "standard font"?

Standard in the sense of a generic type of — in this case — sans serif. You may notice that a lot of fonts have similarities in certain glyphs, especially numbers. Hence my description...

The typeface appears to be a condensed version of Aldus (designed by Hermann Zapf, 1954), a very close cousin, or a hand-drawn variation of a similar Venetian-inspired typeface.

The lack of a serif on the crossbars of the F and E, as well as the configuration of the serifs on the S, G, and C, appear to be a good match.

Would more samples help? Thank you for your lovely replies.