Slab Serif V ... can't figure out this font

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This is part of a logo I'm re-creating, I doubt it was modified, however, I can't find a V that has a serif on the left and not a full serif on the right, that goes to the right. I see some that go to the left.

Please excuse the choppiness on the sides of the v, this is where there were graphics ... the actual font is not distressed.

Thank you, I'm thinking this is something obvious and I'm looking too hard!

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If you move the thread out of the “Solved” section up on the main Type ID Board, more people will see it.

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Oops, thank you!

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Anyone recognize this V?

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There's something about it. What's its origin?

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it's a long shot, but it could be also a Greek Letter "ν" (pronounced 'n'), horizontally mirrored...
See for example the /ν/ of Rider Widest (Ultra-expanded Bold):

Rider Widest is not an exact match off course, because after mirroring the right leg will be much thicker than the left, but you can get the overall idea...

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It is part of a logo. Probably from a set of on computer fonts, I would think.

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