Sans closest to Roman inscriptions?

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Which Sans matches the original roman inscription style closest?

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Trajan Sans is very faithful to the inscription, but I don't know if you can really qualify it as "sans". Trajana Sans may be what you're looking for. I must say the charm of the subtle modulation of the roman inscription gets lost in the latter.

Also see

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Legacy Sans (albeit a “Jenson”)

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Roma from P22 may be worth considering.

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Hmmm. The closest thing in my mind to that picture, is Throhand - Pen Roman, but Throhand - Pen Sans, that doesn't exist... and Throhand - Pen Dragon, but that's another story;)

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Ok, how about mono-line sans?

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Ok, how about slab serif sans?

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how about mono-line sans?


how about slab serif sans?


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