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arkigram logotype and web body copy

can someone tell me the name of the font from arkigram logotype?
also i need to know the name of the font from the website body copy, thanks in advance


"body copy" looks like Aller (Light or Regular) by Marc Weymann

i guess that too, but the G is different, Aller got more rounded G than this one

Logotype is most probably custom. The body copy looks more like Flama to me.

How about: Linotype LT/DINNextRoundedLTPro-Light

Fivos meant obviously that only the text »body copy« is Aller.

That's correct Rainer,
I was stupid enough to not understand that "body copy" was just a marker for the rest of text ;)

I agree with Ryuk that the actual body-text looks like Flama (maybe Flama Book).

Flama & Din Next both seem identical. thanks guys :)


And to be more precise about the logotype, it's actually a custom job by Kris Sowersby.