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Dear Typophiles,

We have been working on a logotype for a luxury eyelash bar in Geneva. The clients absolutely love the solution so now it is a question of finalizing.

large view

Regarding critique we are currently debating about how the space between the "B" and the "u" work; the distance or separation between the "i" and the "C" and also the centralization of the the word Geneve.

Attached can also be found an image to display how the dot of the "i" will be used in packaging (yet to be finalized) as the sealing sticker.

Any critique or feedback would be most appreciated.


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What kind of changes are you ready to do?

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To me the spacing could be revised a bit.

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Ci seems begging to be connected. Maybe even a ligature with the dot of the /i/. Top left of the B feels awkward. The iC spacing feels too tight, but I am seeing it more as a wordspace because of the capital C.

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Thank you for the comments.

André, what did you have in mind?

Riccardo, yes agreed on that.

Luma Vine, this was done very early on in the process it always seemed like a large "a" and was not ideal legibility. For the "B" perhaps more curved..

large view

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>André, what did you have in mind?

Since the client: “absolutely love the solution so now it is a question of finalizing.” I wonder how far are you ready to go to do some changes. To my point of view, the B and C don't fit together, the kerning has to be review and I will enlarge the “x” height a bit. So far, I see four parts in this logo (B,C, ui and il). I think this logo will deserves to be more homogeneous.

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Nice feedback sim. I also think the curves need some attention.

But hey. I already think it's pretty cool!

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Nice feedback sim. I also think the curves need some attention.

But hey. I already think it's pretty cool!

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Consider dropping the ball of the "C". That would make it harmonize more with the "B" and allow the tittles (dots of the "i"s) to be more special (like you seem to want).

Also, without the grave accent GENEVE looks cheap.


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Agree with @hrant. I would also do something about /C/ and that would probably be changing it to make it more in sync with /B/.

There's another thing here as well. And that's the last /l/ letter. It terminates with a too much upward stroke. Either correct /B/ or correct /l/ (which will likely bring the need to change others as well). I'd go with the latter. This will also bring the needed change to /C/ that I talked about above.

Otherwise it looks like an everyday fashion hi-brand logo. No revolution here.

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To my eye this looks like it’s really wanting to be classy, but doesn’t quite succeed yet. So, great if you can do another round of revisions.

In addition to what has been said:
Why is the “u” so very wide? It seems to break the strong rythm of the lowercase; does it contribute anything that’s needed?

And the shape of the “B” does not work for this eye. Looks more like an odd sort of eszett or something. The curves feel a bit contrived, with the connected join but large belly and open bottom… I’d also try alternate structures both top-left and bottom-left.

Also: this might be a rendering issue in the image you posted but the GENEVE might benefit from some kerning attention and perhaps a bit of positive tracking.
More importantly though I think the typeface in “Geneve” is not an ideal match. It looks a little cheap and generic, plus too open/humanist in conjunction with this script (compare curves of “G” and “C”). I’d maybe try something more geometric (think Gotham or such) or something in the direction of Sackers/Engravers Gothic. Or some classy grotesque (Akzidenz?).
Bonus if you can get the stroke thickness to match the thin strokes of the script.

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Many thanks to all that took the time to comment and give feedback.

It is still being worked on this is the progress so far.

large view

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C is visually taller than B. By a fraction, but still...

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Did you try a lower case /c/? That caps C seems unfit. You could perhaps use a round terminal everywhere rather than a mixture of round and cut one.

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@Alex well spotted thanks.

@sim didn't try that because it is the incorrect spelling but can see what you mean.

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i think the revision looks better than the first version.
the first version, that 'u' was too wide. and that capital B didn't look properly written.
With the second version, the beak on the C, doesn't look like script writing to me.
Did you start with a typeface? or was this hand drawn?

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To me it looks nice and attractive.

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