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Euro 2012 Italian Jersey Typeface

I was wondering if anyone knew the typeface that displayed the soccer players names for the Italian soccer team in the Euro 2012 games? I have attached a picture.



The football (soccer) letters by Puma, Nike, and Adidas usually aren't fonts, and don't have names per se. A number of people take the time to create computer fonts from the images available in uniform kits or from images such as the pictures of the jerseys that you've attached.

On the following site, what the site author refers to as 'fonts' are the images that are available upon request (I don't know if he charges for them); they're most often in raster form but sometimes they're vectors.


- Herb

In this case it is a font, albeit a custom one. (And one, incidentally, that I think is really attractive and interesting, one of my favourite new designs this year.) It's called Gaffer and is a collaboration between GBH and Dalton Maag. More info here: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/puma-gaffer-font

Thank you both so much!

Thanks Birdseeding for finding it :)

The font's concept and execution are indeed highly interesting. But this application is mindless.


Good point hrant. I am sure there are regulations to the jersey, but this doesn't seem to do anything to push them.

I think it works quite well. It reads surprisingly clearly – compared to the usual compact, all-caps sans it's very legible with its large, open counters.

The fact that it's badly spaced on the shirt is another matter. And I much prefer the flat version to the faux-3D one on the italy shirts.

The problem is a Euro 2012 national team acting like some Terza Categoria bumpkins. Typical Italian drama-queen mannerism.


It's quite similar to Paul Barnes' "Crepello" that he did for Puma in 2009/10

I'm not seeing much similarity.


Thank you, timrobert90, for that brilliant typographic insight.

And, the problem with letterspacing on jerseys is that few silkscreen printers—skilled craftsmen in their art—are letterspacing experts, as well…

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