Pairing suggestion for Knockout headline?

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Does anyone have a suggestion for a body font that will pair well with a headline made in Knockout ?

a) a simple clean, legible sans (e.g. helvetica or news gothic)
b) a beautiful, pretty serif (e.g. sabon or georgia)

The headlines will be using one of the Knockout styles 26/46/66 or 27 /47/67


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Those are extremely condensed faces, so whatever you use will contrast in several ways. Therefore, just about anything will work, but each in its own way—play around with leading, size and line length. This is an opportunity to become familiar with a face that you find interesting and attractive, and develop the best setting for it vis-a-vis these very condensed styles.

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In the (very limited) work I've done pairing typefaces, I've found Gill sans works well with condensed sans like trade gothic, so I suppose that would fit pretty well with knockout.

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