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What's the GTA2 Menu Font?

After all those years, I'm still wondering what the font used in the GTA2 menu is.
He is a couple of screens:

Please note I mean the not-Eurostyle-one and that I have a Dutch modification installed.

Who can give me the final answer?
Thanks in advance!



Thanks for your reply.
Indeed looks a bit like Handel Gothic, but it should be a separate font. Especially the numbers are different.
They actually use "EuroTechnic" instead of Eurostile, so maybe we need to search in foreign libraries.

More on EuroTechnic:
"Copyright (c) 1992 Image Club Graphics, Inc."

Maybe someone else know the exact name of the other font?


I asked Ray on Twitter:
"Sorry, I don't recognize that font. Trivia: I worked as a game tester on the PSX version of that game."

Your suggestions look very close, indeed, but still no match. Very curious for what font it really is. Probably a freebie or something from a unknown library.

I was planning to search for and ask the original frontend designer, but it appears he committed suicide in 2007. Very tragic. :(

Thanks for the feedback and so sad to hear such news from the designer.
I thought also about some obscur freebie because of this so poorly (un)kerned font. Feels really amateurish to me but I could be wrong. I'd try to dig a little more bit the techy freebie sections at DaFont tomorrow.

Each glyph is saved in the game as a separate image, so there's probably no kerning possible at all. The game is from 1999, so it should be older than that.
Thanks in advance for searching. I'll try some font cds tomorrow, too.

Did you find anything, Ryuk?

Sorry, Martijn. Nothing more.