Script-like type

I saw this typeface and found it interesting, but used whatfontis and whatthefont, but no fail. Maybe it was set to close that it formed a script or so, so those sites couldn't read them as font.

So if anyone know and care to share what typeface this is? :)
Thank you.


It's very similar to Doyald Young's Homerun

this is http://Lobster Two (Bold Italic) (or Lobster 1.4) by Pablo Impallari,
now part of Google Web Fonts collection.

PS1: To find a font by WhatFontIs and WhatTheFont, you must prepare the image by separating each letter manually and ensure you have a vertical white strip between the letters.

PS2: I found it using Find my Font -

Thank you. Didn't get to write sooner. Apology, but thank you in the end.