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Is it just me, or is the Romney for president logo weak, because the R is overbalanced to the right :)

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So, 5Star, you must think that parking tickets are an outrageous attack on liberty, fundamentally against the sacred principles of the Declaration of Independence.

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"That is what defines an American - the right to say no or yes - and not to be forced nor penalized."

What defines an American is their passport. Or, are you going to give us a list of nationalities well known for wanting no say, who also enjoy being forced to pay penalties for nothing?

Were you old enough for the draft? Do you pay Social Security? Have you ever watched NFL Football?

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> why you aren't railing against the interstate highway
> system if your beef is taxes

That might not be the best example to use, as interstate highways are paid mostly by taxes on gas. In other words, they are paid by people who use the highways.

A single-payer system would be funded by taxes paid by even those in good health who don't incur any medical bills.

I'm not taking a position on it pro or con, I'm just saying it's not the same situation.

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True, though obviously no example is great since taxes are incredibly complex...just as health care is. It's hard to say a few platitudes spoken by a presidential candidate will magically fix things. (That said, 90% of our household driving is not done on the interstate)

But, in general: taxes are what pays for a society to function. Rarely will you find a citizen that agrees with 100% of their tax spending. Picking one particular tax to declare as being biggest tragedy to fall upon our nation is absurd on so many levels. ;)

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aluminum, tax penalty for not buying into Obama care is an uncivil violation.

On your next tax return form I hope you see a section to opt out of Obama care. Simple enough right? Just put your check mark in the >>> No <<< box. No tax penalty, no forced purchase of health insurance needed - just check the box to opt out of Obama care. Simple enough - right?

My health is my concern - not yours, and certainly not the Government's concern either. How far into your private personal life do you want the government to conduct your affairs - and to leave you with no choice? Huh?

dberlow, passport to what? A ton of countries all have passports. You really think America is just like any other. You must belong to the beaten generation.


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"How far into your private personal life do you want the government to conduct your affairs"

I'm not sure what you believe Obamacare is.

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5star - Yo troll, in spite of the nonsense you're being fed - and let's face it, you're just regurgitating some crap you read or heard somewhere - the way the government goes about funding the healthcare bill is not some great constitutional issue. They could have structured it many other ways, and the same money would still be collected and spent. Railing about the manner in which the tax is collected and coverage provided is a cover for not wanting the government involved in health care at all. What the right wants, ultimately, is an end to Medicare as well.
Are you against Medicare? I'm just curious. I'm curious about that and what the hell any of what you've said has got to do with Romney's dumb logo.

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Richard Fink - you should actually read my posts before showing yourself up as mindless. At least then you would have something original to say ...sigh. Go back Dick, go back and read how I tried to keep my posts ending on the point of Romney's lame logo.

I'll wait here while you come up with some sort of an apology...


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Taxes aren't civil liberty infringements.

Although I agree with you, that is a matter of opinion, not fact.
After all, in abstract principle, the claim that for a democratic majority to vote to tax everyone, including a minority of one who doesn't agree to the idea of having a tax, is equivalent to ten bullies "democratically" deciding they can bully someone into handing over his wallet... cannot be immediately and trivially refuted.
In practice, of course, despite governments having the power to tax and conscript, we in the democratic world are still very free compared to the people in places like Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany.
And the efforts it took to prevent those countries from conquering us obviously required the world's democratic countries being able to tax and conscript.

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The R in the logo actually reminds me of pepsi for some reason ;)

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