Can anybody recommend a Didone with a nice number 2?

I need a 2 to fit in with a design I am doing. It's going to be the main part of the design and I think I want a Didone for it. It will be a sort of secondary logo and will be used in different settings so it needs to be a character in itself , I want it to have a lot of character, to be swaggering and strong. I also want to use a typeface that would have been available in the second half of the 1800s, say 1850 to 1905.

The strongest contender I have found so far Is Poster Bodoni but the "foot" on the 2 looks a little unstable to me. The Basilia has a stronger looking foot but seems to have no life in it. I also think Basilia is a modern font, but am not sure. I'd really like to be as authentic as possible with this and use something from the period.

So, I'd be really grateful if people could recommend their favourite Didone with a good strong glyph for its 2.


Of the two options you show, the Bodoni is probably more historically accurate, although this particular treatment is a little more recent than the timeframe you're shooting at. Even then, high contrast Didones probably enjoyed their greatest popularity during the first half of the nineteenth century, starting around 1825 or 1828.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a numeral two that says “I’m well-grounded, but I still know how to have a good time,” you might want to check this one out...

In my humble opinion, it has kind of a “I am going boldly where no man had gone before” vibe to it, which pretty much fits in with the British colonialist expansion spirit from your target time period.

I like the /2 in Magnel.

BTW, why not tweak one that's almost right to make it just right?


Thanks for all the input, so much to consider.

hrant, I love the Magnel 2, as for tweaking my own, I don;t think I'm good enough for that, but I'm going to give it a try, cos I like different features of all the ones recommended.

Ryuk, thanks for all the suggestions, some really beautiful ones there.

Oldnick, you totally got me, exactly what I was trying to say. Hehe.

Lots to dwell on and I shall be trying to concoct my own version and see how it goes.

Well, I had a go at "tweaking" an existing font. I used Bodoni and tried to give it a little more vigour in the foot. I might try again to give the top half a bit more swagger, but this is my attempt.

Nice. A bit “backslanting” maybe, but one needs what works for the job at hand.