Sans serif in Seattle Met (Similar to Graphik)


Who knows this sans serif from Seatlle Met?

I thought it was [[|Graphik]] for a little while, but the a's are quite different.

It's also very close to [[|Calibre]], but with a different 'K' and 'M'.

See cover here:





I've jut inserted a cover here, so it's easier to see.

Could it be Colfax (née Chrono)?

Could be [[|Colfax]] (aka Chrono).

Spot on! Thanks a lot.

Hey Peter,

Looks like you got your answer. I switched our primary sans from Gotham Narrow to Chrono for the April issue. And we haven't looked back. It's worked well for a range of uses, from small copy to huge headlines. Personally, I'm a big fan of [[|Process Type Foundry]] and we use their Anchor and Capucine as well. If you're considering the typeface, you can see interior samples on our [[|Flickr page]].