Iñigo Jerez - TextAxis - Fantastic Type Design

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I searched the site, but found no results for "TextAxis" or "Iñigo Jerez", but his type design is fantastic.


Has anyone ever been able to purchase any of these fonts in the past? It seems like they are not for sale and haven't been for quite some time.

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This page is all I could find. It says that (as of about a year ago, 2011) all of the fonts are proprietary creations for clients and not available for sale.


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how unfortunate...i hope the clients paid him extremely well for those typefaces because I'm sure he could sell them for a long time to come....i want some of them quite a bit!

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You might try contacting him directly. Some clients require exclusive use of their bespoke designs in perpetuity, while others accede to having such use for a limited period of time, after which the type designer can offer them to the public.

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I wrote to Iñigo back in 2008 with the same questions. He did explain the fonts were developed to exclusive use of Suite magazine and are not commercially available. Although he said the fonts may be available for sale in a near future, I think this will not happen (at least for now) as since then he developed more fonts for Suite and none became available. It's a pity as his designs are really impressive. Hope Suite staff know how lucky they are.

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