ttfautohint-0.9.12 screenshots - now with Stem Width Handling

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ttfautohint-0.9.12 screenshots - now with Stem Width Handling

ttfautohint version 0.9.12 now does 'Stem Width Handling'
I am testing and posting screenshots at

Feedback welcome. 'Ayes' to the left, 'Nayes' to the right !

Below is Dalton Maag's Ubuntu Font, top original manually hinted, lower shot is same font auto-instructed with ttfautohint. Magnification is x800, x400, and actual size 13px. Pleas note the better 'eth' on the lower screenshot.

more examples & info at [[|]]

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Thanks for posting this Vernon, looks very interesting and without this thread I'd probably have missed it! Are there any results by other people? Or is there any way to get comparisons between versions?

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New ttfautohint gives a bit lighter but sharper picture (IMO) and the file is smaller than after 0.7
First: font as made by FontForge (104 kB)
Second: ttfautohint ver. 0.7 (208 kB)
Third: ttfautohint 0.91 (default settings) (146 kB) , FireFox 14.0.1, winXP