Famous members of the Black family

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Medium and Regular are not common surnames, but Black is.
I must say I’m disappointed that foundries publishing “first name” typefaces haven’t seized on this opportunity to personalize fonts.
There is no Conrad Black or Jack Black.
What other fonts create incidental meanings?
It’s tempting to name a type Psychic…

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Antique Olive?

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Soldiers Bold? Milk Condensed? Twiggy Thin? Conscience Heavy?

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Vox Ultra

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I'm waiting for the heavy newspaper headline face named in honour of Roger Black, Black Black, or the Polanski text face, Roman Roman.

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Roger Black?!
How about it, David Berlow?

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The possibilities are endless!

Cola Light
White Duke Thin
Plan Outline
Coffee Black
Pitch Black
Go Bold

-- I imagine the latter two are suitable for a scifi font ...

A font called "Roman" would introduce some other nomenclature oddities -- "Roman Bold" is passable, but surely not "Roman Italic"?

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An' yins forgot poor Padfoot: Sirius Black.

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At one point, I toyed with the idea of a bells-and-whistles revival of the Gutenberg 42 line blackletter type. To be called Bible Black, of course.

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Panther Black, Deadline Extended, Mind Narrow.

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Receding Hairline.

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If you're doing something with oil: Gold Black.
(adjective) Black.
A military-ish face: Clear Black.
One for the rockers: Ritchie Black. --more--

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Moore Demi
Spiritualist Medium

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We talk about this at every offsite. But in the end, we just have lunch, (Black Angus beef tenderloin on black bread with black beans and black & tan ale), instead,. And then we design really skinny fonts to forget lunch.

"...or the Polanski text face"

Which reminds me to ask, is there some way with OT to get the uppercase to molest the lowercase?

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Air Compressed

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is there some way with OT to get the uppercase to molest the lowercase?

Are you pondering about some Gill revival?

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Now that someone brought the subject up:
Beer Light (a.k.a. Sex on the Beach).

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D'ya guyz hate my keyboard, or what?

Supermodel Thin.
Fortune's Fave Bold.
Stroke Oblique.
Play Book.
Squaddie Regular.
Matt Black.
Fluffy Light.
Gossamer Albatross Ultralight.
Airliner Heavy.
Gas Expanded.
Straighten Narrow.

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Noir was a name in this vein (sort of) until I realized the Danes were hoggin' it. Just like Greenland.

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I was thinking of creating a very basic sans, based on your typical bitmap font from the 80s. I already have a name for it: Sans Élégance.

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Very funny, Theunis. That opens a new angle for naming typefaces: Sans Talent, or my latest, Sans Money. That one goes particularly well with John Nolan's Receding Hairline.

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Play around with an online translator…and I do mean play.

For example:
Danish: Odd Sort
Estonian: Mystic Must
Lithuanian: Juju Juoda
Polish: Carny Czarny
Turkish: Siya Later

Or, throw them a curve: call it Paradox Light, and let them figure it out…

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Actually, DTL Paradox doesn’t have a Light weight. But there is a Paradox Black.

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Glaring Light.
Happy Medium.
Mister Black (I'm just a guy on vacation...).
Hikari Light (Hopefully goes well with an article on the 0 series bullet trains).
Memory Expanded (640K what?)
Contrast Wide Black.

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African Roman

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I, for one, have a profound admiration for your keyboard: Straighten Narrow™ and Happy Medium™ are real winners.

P.S. Pay no attention to the trademark signs behind the curtain…

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Seeing this thread reawoken got a few braincells sparking...

Freightliner Semi
Backin Black
Straightasa Narrow

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Lest we forget…

Hemisemi Demi (for all of you sixty-fourth note enthusiasts)
Pain Tit Black (for Mick and the boys, or fans of purple nurples)
Rarely Well-done Medium (for steak lovers or TV enthusiasts)

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Sixty-fourth notes are way too fast for me creaky pinkies -- I'm not 'Fiddler Black' after all.

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