Looking for a squared off font

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I've used Sackers Square in a project which I liked, but the Director has come back saying it's too thin. I don't want any military or collegiate overtones, needs to be classier than that, although mechanical might be OK in it's context (a title for a documentary).

Any suggestions?

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Bank gothic?

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United has a ton of different weights.

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Thank-you, both helpful.

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So are you leaving, or sabotaging?


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Not sabotaging, perhaps off the mark. Would you like me to leave? Then you could have this place to yourself. You could ask the questions and then answer them.

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You and I don't make this place. I don't want you to leave, but I also don't want to see something I value be abused. If your particular post above was not such a case, then I apologize. But then, I would have to ask:
- Why would somebody who wants to make money selling fonts recommend a free one (that's not one's own attempt at promotion)? Especially since Steve wasn't even asking to save money.
- What's the purpose of neutering old threads of yours?


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I must confess I find paragraph suggestion amusing: kitkats asked for something that is not military or collegiate and the dafont suggestion (from typodermic) is Octin sports, Octin prison...

Before choosing prison, you could have a look at http://www.identifont.com/similar?428.

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If you're OK with monospaced, there's another Larabie font: Larabiefont.

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