Futura-esque font

Hey guys, looking for this beautiful font, used prominently in 'Submarine' (great film).

Any help is really appreciated.


Unfortunately, only similars: Drescher Grotesk, Century Gothic, Neuzeit Grotesk, Novocento, Digi Grotesk
Remaining unsolved on http://WhatTheFont Forum too. Many letters (/C, /G, /C, /E...) look really irregular in form and weight (manually boldened?). The more I look at it the more I think it's handdrawn and/or a font mix. /S is very Century Gothic, /C Drescher Grotesk, /M could even come from DIN...
Same vein: Fugue, Raisonne, Aperçu, Am Sans

thanks for your detailed reply Ryuk, this is indeed a typographic mystery! Whoever made that credit sequence is an evil genius..