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This is my first post at typophile...i just "finished" a font called deamus and would love tho hear what you think of it. I am already working on a solid style. Every criticism is very welcome.


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Sorry for the doublepost, maybe one of the admins can remove the first one.


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Hey guys, come on...really nothing to say about it?

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One question.

What is your goal with this typeface?

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My goal?
Honestly i did not set myself a goal with this.
I was just playing around and after a while i started liking it, so i decided to complete it more and more. It

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Hey that's really sweet one. Although in small sizes there are several problematic symbols such as "a" & "o" that tend to look too similar.
Two more dramatic issues:
- I wasn't sure if the otilde ("

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Yeah, you

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