Colorado Mountain Signage: Vail (specifically)

I drove by these signs multiple times last weekend and I spotted a road-type that I hadn't seen before.. I'm really curious to figure out what SS typeface this might be:

I wish I had taken a shot of the Breckenridge one, as there are more letters to analyze, but the lowercase i seems to be the same in the "Elevation 8,150 ft." - so I assume it's the same typeface as the display that reads "Vail"


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Close to: ITC Officina Sans Bold

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it seems to be ITC Officina Sans (Bold) for both "Vail" & "Elevation"

PS: Oh Boy... I'm too slow for Dick Pape ;)

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I think you guys nailed it! I feel like such a noob since it has been around since the 90s!! Consider this topic solved *high five* You guys (everyone here) are always stellar at this game ;-)

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