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Hello everyone,

I have to admit I am a little confused about this font embedding theme for what concerns a website made in html, Javascript ecc.

Obviously there are now diverse font services as „web type“ ( to give only an example.

What I’d like to do is to embed my own font reliable into my homepage hosting it for myself on my server.
Is this possible and if yes, how is it to be done exactly.

I am not interested in giving the user browser various font alternatives to use, I know how this works.
I want my font to be seen and none else.

If it is possible to do so via alien servers it has to be possible storing the font data by oneselves.
Or am I wrong here?

Thanks for your comments and ideas.
Script excerpts are obviously welcome!


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Edit: sorry, I misunderstood your question.

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Check out our Web FontFont User Guide – basically everything works the same way with your own font files.

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thanks a lot for your quick answers!

Very interesting

As I understood (I have read this also elsewhere) one has to generate a .woff file of ones own font.
I checked the options in FontLab and couldn’t find it, yet.
But I will study this guide more carefully.


ah, this seems to be pretty cool, also i doubt to understand it well.
In fact it would not be a font „download“ but an „upload“ of the font designed by oneself and they make it ready for the net? Do I understand this right?
I have to study this also carefully.

Thanks again for the help so long!


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Yes, that’s correct. You will upload your font and then download a series of files and code snippets which will allow you to use it on your webpages.

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This is brilliant!!

However I needed a while to understand that only .ttf fonts are possible to upload.
Yet, this is no problem, at all.

Very, very, very cool.

Thanks a lot, Riccardo!
And also Jens for the useful and clear structured pdf.

So, now I only have to finish my font, mainly bettering its hinting ;-)
and then start using it.

Good to have you guys


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