Funeral font

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Dear people,

which fonts you would recommend for a funeral card.
Serif and sans serif.

Kind regards and many thanks for you comment,


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Don’t focus on the fact that it’s for a funeral. For inspiration, look instead at the personality of the person being remembered.

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A funeral, like anything else, is for the living.
How do the living want to remember the person?


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Thx for your input!

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Just use Dolly I guess.


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While I may not agree with the selections 100%, there's actually a funeral font pack made by linotype:

As listed here on our starter font-pack wiki page:

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I agree with the sentiment that the font choice should reflect the person being remembered.

If you do a Google Images search for "funeral program" you'll find lots of photos of contemporary funeral programs — some good, some bad — that may provide some ideas.

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