Logo Crush - Logo Design Inspiration Gallery

Hello everyone! I recently started this new design blog (3 months ago) and I'm glad to share it with you guys :) The blog is about logo designs, both creative and design-rich logotypes. All of the designs is featured from dribbble. I mainly started it because of my love to logo designs, that's actually also how I came up with the name "Logo Crush". It now has a capacity of over 250+ design-rich logotypes (and counting), to inspire, learn from or simply to enjoy!


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"All of the designs is featured from dribbble."

At least you acknowledge where you steal your content from, I guess.

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Thanks for sharing this information with us I am also interested in logo design and recently I had started working on designing the logos for one of my website related to Mobile App Development. Surely I will check dribbble website.

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