Julep logo type ID

Anyone have ideas on what font this is? Thanks!


You mean what font this was.


No, that is not what I meant. I am trying to identify this font. Would appreciate genuine answers or information ONLY please.

Hey, beggars can't be choosers.

The way I was trying to help you is by opining that this is probably a manipulation of a font; if so, you won't find it as a font, but you could redo the manipulations if you find the original font.

You see all those bulges? Flatten them out and then ask again - somebody might be able to figure out what font this was.


Thanks for explaining your earlier comment. Much more helpful this time around.

it probably was http://ITC Stone Informal
and it looks heavily manipulated as Hrant suggested...

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com