Request: Editing your post disabled 30 minutes after publishing

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Don't get why there's so much editing of old posts / threads lately. Sometimes (seemingly) good content gets erased. Often parts of threads don't make sense any more.

Only being able to edit your posts for, say, 30 minutes after hitting the publish button would allow for the quick formatting changes we sometimes need but preclude the above-mentioned annoyances, no?

Agree? Disagree?

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This is one feature that was enabled (for comments) until the last “temp reboot”.
I agree. Mostly because, as you note, the lack of it allows some disruptive behaviour from people who, it seems, can’t stand their own writing.

As an aside, I’m tempted to correct that years old typo I can stumble upon in old threads, but with the current state of invisibility of said old threads, it looks even more irrelevant.

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I think most would agree.

There's been a very bizarre rash of petty post editing as of late. Not sure where all the drama is coming from. It's a bummer.

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I painfully agree. I deal in images - not words tho.

In fact even when I'm concentrating so hard drawing letters nice and fine like I'll misspell the simplest of words. So to write a whole post on a forum populated by a hungry flock of wordsmith hawks kinda makes me need unlimited editing privileges.

But yeah, we can't have just anyone come by and delete a thread's content like wheneva.


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